31 Jul 2017

Bohey Dulang Island For One Of The Most Staggeringly Beautiful Views In The World

The mountainous Bohey Dulang island is formed from the remnants of an ancient volcano and is situated right beside the largest island in the park, Bodgaya.

The beauty of the island is further enhanced thanks to the crater surrounding the island that is now flooded with seawater and which has created a magnificent lagoon that is about 25m deep. The southern side of the lagoon is lined with a stretch of coral reef.

Not only does the island offer a rich collection of marine life, it is also home to the Giant Clams and Marine Invertebrate History which is a collaboration between Malaysia's Sabah Parks and the United Kingdom's Marine Conservation Society. It is located near Bohey Dulang's jetty and houses laboratories, exhibition halls, broodstock gardens and open sea cages.

Expect to see display tanks with rare giant clamps species like the T.Gigas and T.Derasa, abalones and even phytoplankton which serves as the giant clams' food. These giant clams are known as 'kidneys of the oceans' as they help to the preserve and filter the water by absorbing harmful organics that may harm marine life.

Bohey Dulang is particularly popular for its stunning views from the peak of the island. To get there, you'll need to hike up a 600-meter nature trail, which is said to take about 40 minutes. The path up to the peak can be a little rough, especially after rain as the path can be slippery and muddy. Avoid wearing flip flops! According to the My Sabah blog, you can expect to see rare scrub vegetation and plant species that are unique to Bohey Dulang such as the palm-like Cycas rumphii, cactus-like succulent Euphorbia lacei and trichoglottis geminata, a rare orchid grows on volcanic rocks.